fried chicken on the gas grill

Grilling Fried Chicken

How to make fried chicken with your grill: This is an easy fried chicken recipe. Don't have a deep fryer? Not to worry... your grill can be your deep fryer. All you need is a foil pan or better yet, a cast iron...
hickory and olive wood

Whole Chicken in the Smoker

How long do you smoke a whole chicken in the smoker? I like to cook low and slow to make sure the bird ends up being nice and juicy, so I set my smoker at 225 degrees. The amount of time you leave it in the smoker depends upon the weight of your bird. A good r...
fanmug review

FanMug Review

When we first saw the FanMug*, we knew that this was going to be one of those products that we had to get a closer look at so we could do a proper unbiased review to share with you... and I have to say, we were...