College Tailgating Power Rankings – 2017

Admiral BigGun on thisisinsider.com top 50 best college tailgates in the U.S.A

The top 50 best college tailgates as ranked by TailgateMaster and shared by INSIDER

Our founder, Scott “Admiral BigGun” Backstrom was asked for rank the top 50 best college tailgates in the U.S.A… to answer the age old question “Who has the best tailgating in the world of College football?” Sure… It would have been easy to just limit this to only top end BIG NAME schools… or we could have made it easy on ourselves and limited it to the “Top 10 College tailgating schools“… but you know, that’s not how we roll. We know that some people will disagree with the order… and MANY of these tailgate parties schools are VERY close when compared to their neighbors on the list…. but SOMEONE has to put them in order… so here we go.

TAILGATE MASTER’s Top 50 List – College Tailgate Power Rankings – 2017

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