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Scott "Admiral BigGun" Backstrom is a tailgating fanatic, avid barbecue taster and semi-professional fist-bumper. He was recently selected as the featured "Griller Guy" in Tailgater Magazine and his expert tips have have been shared in multiple print and digital publications including MSN, Business Insider & CNN. When not cheering at the game or high-fiving people in the parking lot, he can most likely be found creating new ways of combining spices, bacon, beer and fire. Backstrom is the founder of , a site site focusing on Fans, Food and
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By Admiral BigGun

You can take our Tailgating Spot… but you will NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!! In the ‘Spirit’ of Football Season here…

October 1, 2018 0

Magnus Mule

By Admiral BigGun

In the ‘Spirit’ of Football Season, here is a easy-to-make tailgating cocktail featuring Highland Park whisky, the Orkney single malt with…