named after Ron Swanson Parks and Recreation

“The Swanson”

Sometimes simply known as “The Swanson“, (as made famous by Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) a bacon wrapped turkey leg is a great food to be served while tailgating.


Well, first off, it’s a turkey drumstick wrapped with bacon (and that alone is a great reason to cook it).

Second… it has a built in handle which means it’s a one-handed food that leaves your other hand free for holding your adult beverage.

Do I need a number three? Nope… I didn’t think so.

This may be in the Top Ten most easy things to cook while tailgating. You can use your smoker or your grill. Ready to learn how? Ok… here we go.

4 Smoked Turkey Legs
1/2 pound Thick Smoked Bacon
1 ounce Seasoned Salt.

The easiest way to do this recipe is to pick up already cooked fully smoked turkey legs from your local butcher or meat shop.

Wrap each leg with two strips of bacon. Sprinkle with seasoned salt.

wrap the turkey drumsticks in bacon and place in smoker

Wrap the legs in bacon

Place in smoker at 220 degrees for 2-3 hours.

Turkey Leg Wrapped in Bacon

The Swanson


Place on grill (indirect heat) for 30-45 minutes turning every 10-15 minutes to prevent burning.


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