Beer Can Bacon Burgers (Monster Tailgate Burgers)

Beer Can Bacon Burgers (Monster Tailgate Burgers)

October 31, 2016 0 By Admiral BigGun

Beer Can Bacon Burgers (Monster Tailgate Burgers)

I’m sure you have had normal bacon cheese burgers, but these bad boys are full 3/4 pound pound beef mega burgers that are stuffed with whatever you love most. I personally love to add ham, onions, peppers, mushrooms and pepper jack cheese, (and yes… even more bacon) but you are welcome to stuff this monster with the finest meats and cheeses thru-out the land. Some call these “Beer Can Stuffed Bacon Burgers“, but I like to call these “Monster Tailgate Burgers“.

Your guests WILL NOT leave your tailgate hungry… I guarantee it.

The Meat:
3 pounds lean ground beef (it’s what’s for dinner)
1 farm fresh egg
1/2 pound regular cut bacon
1/2 cup oatmeal (or crushed crackers)
1 Tablespoon Tears of our Rivals Premium Sports Blend Seasoning (Linky) <— this stuff is awesome (Read our review)

Stuffing options:

Grilled Onions
Grilled Peppers
Grilled Mushrooms
Pepper-Jack cheese
American cheese
Provolone cheese
Colby-Jack cheese
Swiss cheese

Don’t forget:
Large bun or optionally just serve on a plate… ’cause OH MY, that’s big! (twss)

1)  Mix beef, egg, oatmeal and seasoning into bowl. Mix well. Form into 3/4 pound balls.


3/4 pound lean ground beef burgers

Massive Balls… of beef

2) Using a full beer can, form beef around can leaving a hollow spot in the middle. Beef should go approx half way up can.

Smash those balls with a can

Smash those balls with a can

3) Wrap each big ole burger tightly with two strips of bacon, then remove can by sliding it up (non stick spray on the can before smashing burger helps a bit)

Wrap the beef with bacon then remove can

Wrap the beef with bacon then remove can

monster beer can bacon burgers recipe

once the beer can is removed your monster burgers should look like this.

4) add your pre-cooked stuffing options

stuff the monster burger

Time to add your favorite stuffing… can’t really go wrong here if you precook the things you stuff the burger with

4) pre-heat grill to 350F. Place burgers over indirect heat.

grilling monster burgers

Place over indirect heat 350F for 1 hour

5) grill for 1 hour at 350F make sure to use indirect heat to prevent burning

mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon on the grill

You can tell when they are done by the color of the bacon. (Sorry… it was dark out when i took these pics… but even so, the bacon still looks yummy)

6) remove from heat and allow to rest for two minutes before serving.

stuffed monster burgers


7) Enjoy!

monster burger recipe

Muuuwaaaaahahahahaha ….. Monster Beer Can Bacon Burger!



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