Pizzazz PLUS Pizza Oven Review
Easy to Use
Tailgating at Stadium
Tailgating at Home
  • Easy as a Crock Pot to use
  • Fast and really does what it says!
  • Dude, it does Pizza AND Wings!!!
  • Smallish tray - 12 inch pizzas Max.
  • Can't use without electricity
  • My microwave now USELESS
4.2Overall Score
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Normally we do reviews on products that will make your tailgate party more fun and/or less work. The Presto Pizzazz Plus rotating pizza oven* does just that, that is, if you are doing your tailgating at home.

What is the difference between a Pizzazz Pizza Rotating Oven vs. a Pizzazz Pizza Plus Rotating Oven?

The “plus” is the newer model and has a black rotating tray instead of a silver colored one. The rest of the stats appear to be mostly identical. I’m pretty sure they added the “PLUS” to remind people that it can cook more than just pizza.

Truth be told, this is the third Pizzazz we have owned. The first one we bought years back for our daughter who LOVES pizza (imagine there is a big heart instead of an “O” right there in the word loves, and you will kind of get the idea about how important pizza is to her).  We used it several times a week until she left for college and took it with her. We managed to survive without it for about 4 days… then bought replacement. It was about that time I realized “Hey… I wonder if i could use the Pizzazz to make make Frozen fish sticks or french fries?” ZOINKS! It worked perfectly. I feel so stupid… I could have been cooking frozen apps in half the time as the oven (no pre-heating involved… no heating up the whole house). Now instead of using it for just pizza, we were using our Pizzazz for egg rolls, onion rings, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, garlic bread and even hot pockets.

We cook all sorts of different food with the Pizzazz multiple times a week. Just set the timer and less than 20 minutes DING! Food is done. After HEAVILY using the Pizzazz for many years, we finally burned it out. (sadface) So after about two days, we bought a new one… the Pizzazz Pizza PLUS!!! It was all shiny and new, so I thought I would take a few photos and share our review with you.

photo of pizzazz pizza oven making cheesy bacon potato skins

Look at those bacon skins sizzle!

If you have spent anytime on this site at all, you know (when i am not outside) I like crock pots and slow cookers on game day… mostly for the easy of use. I like the Pizzazz for the same reason. Place the food on the rotating tray, plug it in, turn the timer and go enjoy the game. Most foods are done in about 15 minutes.

Seriously this baby works really well for pretty much any “precooked and frozen appetizer” you can think of. NOTE: The Pizzazz Plus rotating oven is not designed to cook or grill raw fish, poultry, or meats (e.g., uncooked bacon, chicken, hamburgers, or steaks) as this may damage the unit.

But yeah, my favorite thing to use it for is still Wings and Potato Skins!

The wings turn out perfectly cooked and crispy!!! Frozen chicken wings (or chicken drummies) take 20 minutes and potato skins less than 15.

I like it.

I like it… a lot.

Clean up is easy too. Remove the tray after it cools and put it in the dishwasher….. annnnnnnnd your done.

Speaking of the tray (or Removable Baking Pan as they call it) it is covered with a thin non-stick surface which can be scratched fairly easily if you use metal utensils to remove your food. So be aware of that. Also, there is no locking device of any kind to hold it in place. It just uses gravity to sit on it’s rotating base (this makes it seam a bit unstable… so don’t load all your food off to one side). The design is simple but works well enough.

photograph of rotating pan pizzazz pizza oven

The tray (upside down in this picture) just rests on that rotating knobby thing

There are both upper and lower heating elements that you can switch between (or use both at once) with an easy three position switch. Nice feature when cooking different thicknesses of pizza.

Does it work for re-heating food after the game? You Betcha! Once you get one of these, you seriously won’t ever use your microwave to re-heat pizza again. The Pizzazz does a much better job (not at all soggy like nuking it).

Pizzazz Plus rotating oven controls

Simple controls that work really well.

According to the manufacturer:
Your Pizzazz Plus rotating oven will cook an assortment of frozen convenience foods. It can also be used to bake cookies and cinnamon rolls from refrigerated dough, and prepare quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, and 7- to 12-inch pizzas (frozen, take-and-bake, deli, or homemade). No preheating is required.

The selectable heating elements (LOWER–DUAL–UPPER) let you bake a variety of foods—even cookies, cinnamon rolls, and rising crust pizza, as well as providing you with a way to make foods the way you like them. Begin by using the recommended settings in the cooking charts, which are located on page 4. The pizza chart is also reproduced on the back of the oven for easy reference.

With the open oven design, you can see the precise moment your food is done. You can also change the heat setting and time with ease. Want a browner top? Select UPPER. Prefer a crispier crust? Select LOWER. Need to reheat for a minute or two? Select DUAL and reset the timer. If the time is short, turn timer dial beyond the 4-minute mark and then back to the desired time. The oven is fast. To avoid overcooking, never leave unit unattended.
Whenever the unit is plugged in, the motor will turn on and the pan will rotate if positioned correctly. Once the timer is set, the heating elements will turn on. When the time has expired, the timer will ring and the heating elements will shut off. The pan will continue to rotate until either it is removed or the unit is unplugged.”

Presto Propaganda Video:

Is all of that information true?

Yes. Yes it is.

Is it the perfect tailgating appliance? No, but what it does do well, it does REALLY well.

We have not used it for doing grilled sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, quesadillas, or chocolate chip cookies yet… but I am certain it would do those perfectly as well. Oh… you should know… there is a handy little cooking chart in the user manual that shows different foods and how long to cook what. So yeah, don’t throw the owners manual out like you normally do (or is that just me?).

Over all… we really like using the pizzazz rotating oven… even if you only used it for pizza, it’s worth the money. When you add the “Plus” of frozen apps and reheating food… really a no brain-er for the price. Go get one!



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