Tailgate Master Announces “Tears Of Our Rivals”

Tailgate Master Announces "Tears Of Our Rivals"
FAN-Tastic for Grilling
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Tailgate Master Premium Sports Blend “Tears of our Rivals” (totally biased) BBQ Seasonings Review:

I’m sure you can think of a half dozen sports fan friends that would love to receive this as a gift, but make sure to get a few bottles for yourself as well!

This premium sports blend is carefully harvested from the dried tears of our vanquished foes and perfectly mixed with a special game-day blend of garlic, peppers and other premium spices, oh and absolutely no MSG. This is truly a one of a kind seasoning I’m sure you will enjoy on almost everything. Just sprinkle lightly on veggies, fish, poultry or your favorite game day meats. WARNING: This spice blend is strong with “WIN” so be careful not to add too much.

Best with: almost EVERYTHING

Great on Hamburgers & Fries!

Also sensational on Chicken (even eggs), Turkey, Duck, Pheasant, Grouse, Cornish Game Hens…. heck, pretty much any type of poultry.

A wonderful addition to potatoes and other grilled vegetables.

Spectacular on PORK, BEEF, CHICKEN & more!  Use this on anything instead of salt & pepper or seasoned salt.

Tailgating food tastes sooooo much better when it is sprinkled with the Tears Of Our Rivals.

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bacon covered meatloaf cooked outside in a smoker

Sprinkled with Tailgate Master Spices and Ready for the Smoker

TailgateMaster.com Tears our Rivals premium sports blend spices

Works FANtastic on Veggies as well!

TailgateMaster.com Tears of our Rivals Seasoning

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