32 NFL Team Inspired Cocktail Recipes

32 NFL Team Inspired Cocktail Recipes

January 30, 2019 0 By Edson Farnell

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32 NFL Team Inspired Cocktail Recipes

I have to say this is a pretty cool idea … that I totally thought of first but never finished writing it all down … 😉 Anywho… we are glad that Edson Farnell (our guest author from PartsGeek.com*) stuck it out and created this pretty cool football infographic of NFL team inspired cocktail drink recipes. I’m sure you will find a few that you like. I know that we did!

If you have a better drink that you like to consume when tailgating for your favorite team, please email it to us! We would love to see it. Tell us what team you cheer for and show us your recipe! Please send it to:

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PartsGeek.com – Infographic

The first ever Tailgating Institute research study analyzed the habits of over 20,000 tailgaters across 25 American cities. They discovered that the typical tailgater is a college educated male between the ages of 35 and 44. They spend an average of $500 a year on tailgating food, and start the party 3-4 hours before kickoff! Kick off your next party with these NFL-inspired cocktail recipes. They were chosen based on history, color, climate, and flavor.

Hat tip to the folks at PartsGeek.com and Edson Farnell for reaching out and sharing these great cocktail drink recipe ideas!

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