7 Tips on Grilling Kabobs

7 Tips on Grilling Kabobs

February 18, 2017 0 By Admiral BigGun

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7 Tips on Grilling Kabobs


1) Cook the Meat and Vegetables on DIFFERENT Skewers. Otherwise the meat isn’t cooked enough or the veggies get soggy.

2) Mix Fruit with the Meat on the SAME Skewer. You can’t overcook fruit, and that flavor meshes with the meat to form AWESOME tastes!

baste frequently

Mix Fruit and Meat for wonderful taste combos

3) The Simplest Kabob (and maybe most tasty) is BACON and PINEAPPLE. (linky)

4) Get round skewers if you have a kettle grill. You can fit more.

5) Wooden skewers are better. But only because they’re disposable.

6) Use two skewers per kabob with a thumbs-width space between them. Fragile fruits and veggies stay on them better.

7) Mix different meats on a Skewer with the same marinade. (like shrimp and sausage)

grilling kababs Kebab

Mmmmmmm…. Kabobs on the Grill


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