Welcome to the Tailgate!

Welcome to the Tailgate!

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Hey Sports Fans,

Welcome to our humble little corner of the Internetwebz. For those of you who aren’t aware, Scott and I go back a ways. I wrote for a website he ran in the mid aughts called Vikings Valhalla, which was a solid message board that had a small but dedicated community. I really enjoyed my time there, but when Christopher Gates of the Vikings website Daily Norseman asked me to become a writer there, Scott was gracious enough to let us part ways, and he eventually migrated over to DN himself, where he’s a valued contributor.

So when he approached me to collaborate with him on a new website, I thought screw that, it’s fishing season what a great opportunity it would be to work with Scott again, and I really like what we’re going to be doing here.

So what, exactly, are we doing here?

I don’t know.

Tailgating Grill

Beef, Pork, Poultry or Seafood? Why not all of them ?!?!

See, Scott is what we call the ‘brains’ of this outfit, and I am what we call the ‘jackass’ of this outfit. He’s got a pretty neat vision of where he wants to take this site and what he wants to do with it, and all he really needed to do to convince me to hop on board was to tell me that I would get free Internet beer. So, here I am. He’s done all the web design, the layout, the graphics, and I’ve done…well, you’re reading it.

What little I’ve retained from what he told me is that this is going to be a website focused on football, grilling/tailgating and adult beverages.

tailgate master truck tailgating kcco beer ndsu bison

Tailgating KCCO Go Bison!


Our goal is to have an all encompassing ‘go to’ website for grilling and tailgating recipes, drinks that go with said recipes, and just good conversation in general. We’ll provide pictures with our recipes, maybe some grilling tips, and since Scott and I are fishermen, I have a sneaking suspicion we might talk about that as well.

And there won’t be one lie between us. At least about the fishing.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are going to be multiple contributors to this site. Scott’s the main man with the plan, but we’ll have a variety of main writers sharing a multitude of things from all over the place. It just so happens I was first to post because, well…I honestly can’t give you a good reason for that, either. Let’s just roll with it and hope Scott doesn’t figure out I’m more of an anchor to this site than a balloon, okay?


So anyway, welcome to our virtual tailgating lot. Share some of your best recipes that made you a bonafide grill master, and make yourself comfortable. We have beer in the cooler, Scott is tending bar in the party wagon, the game is getting ready to start, and once the game’s over I hear he’s got a walleye honey hole we’re heading out to once we pack all of our stuff up and get through the traffic. But we never leave early. Ever.

So welcome, one and all!

Scott, can I get that Internet beer now? What? There’s no such thing?

Damn it.


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