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Banner ads are Missing Commerce is great. Advertising is certainly not evil… but random adds do not belong here. Not on was designed to be something different, something special.

It is about tailgaters having fun and sharing their knowledge about BBQ, while root, root, rooting for the home team. It’s about making new friends outside the stadium, and inviting old friends over to the backyard grill. It’s about camaraderie, rivalries, traditions and new ideas. It’s about enjoying a victory and standing proud after a defeat. It’s about crock-pots and comfort foods. It’s about smoking great cuts of meat, while watching your favorite team overcoming adversity.

We have adversity too. We are the underdog.

We do not have big Corporate sponsors to pay for hosting and keep the lights on. We are just fans, like you, that contribute here in our “spare” time.

There are thousands of sites that out there that will gladly sell you a product while pretending it is a review.  When we redesigned, we could have easily made this into a “for-profit” website with gobs of advertising, but we decided to do something different. We want to keep this site FREE OF RANDOM ADS. Instead, we wish to provide QUALITY content and really good links to products that, you know… you might actually enjoy. Plus it is really much more handy for us to store our favorite recipes here, verses digging through our cluttered drawers. 😉

We want to be a place we can all go to enjoy, to grow, to share, and to experience wonderful new ideas wrapped in bacon. A Place Where We Can All Become Better Tailgate Masters!

If everyone reading this donated fourteen bucks, (less than the cost of a good cookbook) we would only have to fund-raise for a few days a year. But not everyone can or will donate. And that’s okay. We will continue to share what knowledge we have with you and hope that you too will be a team player. If you find the information here helpful, please consider sharing a “tip” back.

This year, if you can… Please consider making a donation of $5, $17, $23 or whatever you can to protect and grow our site into the best tailgating website on the interwebz.



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We value you, we value your contributions, and we sincerely THANK YOU for being part of the team,
– Scott “Admiral BigGun” Backstrom Founder





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