Admiral BigGun’s Beard Head

Admiral BigGun’s Beard Head

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Are you wondering how Admiral BigGun is able to grow such a FAN-tastically great beard every tailgating season? Well then pull up a chair my friends and I will tell you all about it. This is the story about…

Admiral BigGun’s Beard Head*

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… no wait! That was a totally different story. Sorry… I haven’t had near enough bacon today so I am feeling a little dizzy.  What was I talking about again? OH yeah! Admiral BigGun’s Beard. Well, I have to say… I get approached all the time about my all natural epic Beard Head**

Admiral BigGun's Beard Head Tailgating with

I see you looking at my EPIC Beard Head 🙂

I just want you to know that I certainly emphasize with those football fans that cant grow such a wicked cool thick beard (like myself) for tailgating season. So, after much arm twisting, I was convinced to share my secret, and made this post just for you folks.

Follow along and I will show you how you too can get an OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME AND/OR EPIC BEARD HEAD for yourself in less than TWELVE EASY STEPS.

How easy is it? It just might be easier than you think. No really! Might not even take 12 steps… truth be told, I haven’t counted all the steps, but I am pretty sure it’s like twelve or less. Maybe more like eight or nine steps.  Sorry… lost my train of thought again… really. need. bacon. must. focus.

Oh, now I remember. We were talking about Admiral BigGun’s Beard.**

Seriously…. it’s pretty darn epic… check it out… no really…I mean…



IT !!!

loving this American Beard Head


so sexy

so wavy

so American-y

so BEARD-y

so insert-word-that-means-awesomeness-here-y.

I can completely understand why lots of people wonder about it, are probably pretty jealous of it, and want to be able to have one of their very own. Heck… You might not know this, but I have burly lumberjacks from Kodiak Island, Alaska and young Nordic enthusiasts as far away as Gothenburg, Sweden, all wanting to know exactly how they too can get thick, great looking beards that are so perfect for tailgating. SERIOUSLY!*** They are sooooo needy… always hitting my phone up like a crazy ex-girlfriend wanting to run their fingers though my wavy chin hair and demanding to know why I didn’t immediately answer their last text.

Admiral BigGun's Beard - tailgating in Minnesota with a beard head

Wow BigGun, I Love Your Beard!

Hey I realize that not everyone can hope to grow a fantasticly awesome Beard Head like I can. I truly empathize… which again, is why I made this post to help all those tailgaters, football fans and beard enthusiasts that want to be able to grow a beard out so they are always ready for tailgating season!

Well… this how you can get your very own tailgating beard:

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Choose Your Color(s)

Step 3) During Checkout Use Coupon Code  —>  TAILGATEMASTER  <— for 50% off all Tailgate Products (all styles, all colors, and hand warmers)

Step 4) Instantly Be More Awesome Tailgating

beard head discount code, tailgatemaster discount beard head



Yep… that will save you a lot of time vs. growing out your beard the all natural way like I do!***

To see all color and style options visit:

beard head discount code

Visit Beard Head for more options and all color variations

***Note: I’m sure you have figured out by now that this is a parody and my beard head is not actually made of hair. 🙂

**Disclaimer: Admiral BigGun is an Official Beard Head Ambassador*

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