Bacon Steak Burgers

Bacon Steak Burgers

September 12, 2012 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Tailgating etiquette demands that we talk about grilling burgers… so here we go.

*Grilling burgers goes way back to a 1847 football game between the Canton Triangles and the Granite City Rams. That was way back in the day before I-Phones had color!! A friendly wager was made between the two rival owners about who could make the best sandwich and during halftime the bacon steak burger was born!
(*OK… I totally just made that up.)

You don’t have to make it from scratch to make it good, so here is a good recipe to make your tailgate special, starting with frozen burger patties.

PS. “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” – Abraham Lincoln

(For 4 people)

4 Frozen Hamburger Burger Patties
1/4 pound Bacon (Thin Sliced)
6 pinches Famous Dave’s Steak Burger Seasoning
8 ounces Chopped Onion
1 Slice American Cheese

1.) First start with some quality frozen quarter pound hamburger patties. (I really like the ones we get from Schwan’s)
2.) Fire the grill up to 500 to get the grates good and hot. Place frozen burgers on the grill and let cook for about 5-10 minutes

burger patties

bacon steak tailgating with fire yum

3.) Reduce heat to “minimum” on half your grill. Flip your burgers and move them to the “cool” side of grill so they are being cooked with indirect heat. Total cook time should be 25-35 minutes depending on your grill.

4.) Place thin sliced bacon in an aluminum pan on the “hot” side of your grill. Sprinkle Steak Burger seasoning over beef and also over your bacon!

grilling bacon at the backyard tailgate

Shake that seasoning over the bacon

5.) Now that you have the bacon starting to sizzle open a can of whoop-ass Bush’s Grilling Beans and place can on the grill. You will want to move this to indirect heat in about 15 minutes.

and bacon

Bacon & Beans

6.) Keep a close eye on the bacon to prevent flare ups. You don’t want that yummy piggy goodness to burn.

never met a dead pig i didn't like

Bacon on the grill … fire makes it wonderful!

7.) Optionally (and recomended) place American cheese directly on your burger patties and leave two minutes to allow to melt.
add cheese to your hamburger oh and BACON!

bacon bacon bacon steak burgers

Top those babies with cheese.

8.) Remove and serve on buns with ketchup, mustard, chopped onions and lettuce to your hungry buddies. Don’t forget to add the bacon (YEAH… like THAT would happen).

lets eat bacon steak burgers

Grab a brew and enjoy your bacon steak cheese-burgers.

9.) Take a picture of you and your crew and send it to,then pass me a brew and let’s get this tailgate started.  🙂