Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob

Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob

August 4, 2017 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Heck Yes! Nothing says summer like corn-on-the-cob, but do you know what makes grilling corn on the cob even more awesomer? That’s right! Wrap those golden corn holders with BACON!  Now… Let me show you how some quick tips on how to make bacon wrapped corn on the cob with your grill.


1) Shuck the corn and then break each cob in half.

Getting ready to make bacon wrapped corn on the cob

If you break the cobs in half… you will have twice as many. 🙂

2) Spray each section of corn with “non-stick grilling spray” or cover with butter. This will help your spices stick to the cob nicely.

tailgate master dot com spices are the beast bbq spices to use when grilling... i read it on the internet so it must be true

Season with your favorite spices

3) Season your cobs of corn with pepper and/or your favorite vegetable seasonings. A great one that we recommend is called Tears of Our Rivals.
WOW! that was a really shameless plug. 😉  But… they are really wonderful spices. Seriously.

bacon will shrink as it cooks. Mmmm Bacon Wrapped corn on the cob is a great grilling recipe idea

Use wooden skewers to hold each piece of bacon in place…. or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

4) Wrap each half cob with 1-2 strips thin cut bacon, then season with spices again.

TIP: Use wooden skewers on the end of each cob to keep that yummy grilled bacon in place on the cob as it cooks.

How long do you cook corn on the cob on the grill... until it is crisp like in the photo.

Here is how the bacon wrapped corn on the cob looks after 30 minutes.

5) Place bacon wrapped cobs on preheated grill (indirect heat) at 350 F for about 45 minutes. Corn will be done when bacon looks crispy.

Serve while hot.

Pretty simple, but you won’t believe how much better it is than regular corn on the cob. Enjoy!

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Thank you!

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