Bacon Wrapped Potato Skewers

Bacon Wrapped Potato Skewers

December 18, 2016 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Bacon Wrapped Potato Skewers

Nothing says good tailgating food like something on a stick wrapped with bacon. Tailgaters love one-handed food ’cause that leaves the other hand free for frosty beverages. 😉

Bacon Wrapped Potato Skewers are very easy to prep and can be done in your smoker or on your grill over indirect heat.


Thick Cut Bacon
Olive Oil

Spices (like this yummy one… 😉 yeah… we are a bit biased)
BBQ Sauce (Optional)


Wooden Skewers
Wooden Toothpicks (Optional)

potato kababs in the smoker

Ready to get started

  1. Slice potatoes into wedges (the long thin way). one potato should make four wedges
  2. insert skewers into potatoes (depending on length, you may wish to only half a skewer for each)

    potato skewers

    Olive oil will help the spices stick and the potato to crisp up better

  3. coat with olive oil, heavily season wedges, then wrap with bacon (use toothpicks to hold in place if necessary)
  4. place in smoker (top rack) and smoke for 3 hrs at 225F

    potatoes wrapped with bacon in the smoker

    Toothpicks can help here

  5. OR on your grill over indirect heat approx 1.5 hrs (away from the coals or lit burners)
  6. continue cooking until bacon looks done, serve warm

    bacon wrapped potato skewers


  7. Optionally cover with BBQ sauces just prior to removing from heat… OR use a dipping sauce such as cheese, barbecue sauce or even sour cream.

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