Better Beer Brats (by adding more beer)

Better Beer Brats (by adding more beer)

May 29, 2015 0 By Admiral BigGun

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How do you make beer brats better? Well… by adding more beer of course!  Add a bit more flavor to your brats using this simple twist.

6 pack of Beer Brats (I used Johnsonville* this time)
6 pack of Beer
1 Aluminum Tin


beer brats plus more beer

Here is what you need

Place deep aluminum tin on the grill, add frozen Brats to tin. Pour 1 whole beer over the top.


The Brats Are Thirsty No Longer

Bring grill to about 400 degrees (almost to boil – about 15 minutes).

beer almost boiling on the grill

Almost there… stay on target!

Remove brats from tray with tongs then place on grill to brown as normal… turn as necessary. (about 10 more minutes)

grilling the perfect brats

Beer Brats on the Grill

Don’t forget about those other 5 beers… make sure to share them with your friends! Oh and if you can’t find anyone to share with, call me. Hey you have beer and brats… I’ll be your friend!!!

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