Cheesy Bacon Crock Pot Potatoes

Cheesy Bacon Crock Pot Potatoes

November 10, 2014 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Perfectly tender and packed with cheesy / bacon flavor, slow cooked potatoes are an easy recipe that can be prepared on game day when you are tailgating at home. Man I would have told you about these earlier, but I was up all night watching a “Pirates of the Caribbean” marathon. Have you seen those things? Man!*  Any how, this side dish takes very little work other than chopping up some veggies and pre-cooking some bacon. Can you handle that? I knew you could.

Lets get to it.


5-6 Medium Potatoes
1/4 Cup Chopped Onions
1 Can Campbell’s** Cream of Mushroom
1 Can Campbell’s** Cheddar Cheese
1 Pinch Garlic Salt
1 Pinch Pepper
1 Pinch Chives

1) Slice potatoes and place in crock pot.

Chop up the potatoes and put in the crock pot

Sliced Potatoes

2) Add Onions, Cheddar Cheese and Cream of Mushroom along with Salt & Pepper.

cheesy bacon potatoes

Add Onions and Campbells’s


3) Finally, chop  your pre-cooked bacon and add it to the crock pot.

slow cooked cheesy potatoes

Bacon and Cheesy Potatoes in the slow cooker

4) Mix.

cheesy bacon potatoes in the slow cooker

Cheesy Potatoes ready for heat

5) Cook on low for 7-8 hours (or High for 3-4 hours) Top with Chives


* NSFW… don’t watch this video unless you are 18 or above

** Campbell’s does NOT give us any $$$ for mentioning how good their product is. We just tell you about it ’cause we like it.