Chicago Style Hot Dog (How to Make a Real Chicago Dog)

Chicago Style Hot Dog (How to Make a Real Chicago Dog)

May 2, 2014 0 By Admiral BigGun

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There are many a great dog in the windy city but this recipe submitted by “Kay Oh” is about as close as you are going to be able to get at your tailgate… unless you happen to be grilling them up, outside Soldier Field.

So throw out the Ketchup…. this is how you make a REAL Chicago Dog.

1 Natural-Casing Hot Dog
1 Poppy Seed Bun
1 tablespoon Yellow Mustard
1 tablespoon Chopped Onion
1 tablespoon Chicago Style Relish
1 Wedge of Tomato
1 Kosher Dill Spear Pickle
2 1/2 Pickled Peppers
1 pinch Celery Salt

1. The most basic ingredient is of course the “dog” itself. A REAL Chicago Dog needs a natural-casing hot dog. You need the right dog to get that “snap” when you bite into it. Oh… so good and oh so satisfying, it just makes the most important part of the YUM in the “Dog of Chicago”. Oh and make sure it’s an all-beef frankfurter… none of that Turkey crap here. Grill your dog with care and place on the bun.

How to Make a Real Chicago Dog

Chicago Dog nom nom nom

2. Next, a REAL Chicago Dog calls for a poppy-seed bun… sometimes hard to find but worth it… so order online and order some if you have to.

3. Get out the yellow mustard. Not brown (none of that Grey Poopon stuff and certainly not Dijon) French’s is good.

4. Chop up some onion. Clean white finely chopped is best.

5. Next up ULTRA GREEN RELISH… the relish should look like it was made by Bruce Banner in his lab… no really… super fricking green and almost glowing in the dark Chicago Style Sweet Relish. Nothing else will do.

6. Then add your tomato (best when sliced long like a wedge).

7. Add one long Kosher Dill Spear Pickle… If possible just as long as the dog itself. Make sure you buy your pickles from the refrigerated section of the grocery store. You want this baby to SNAP just like your dog.

8. Finally add 2-3 peppers and a then a pinch of celery salt.