Grilled Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki

June 29, 2015 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Barbecue teriyaki chicken recipe: Starting with skinless, boneless, chicken breasts, and a good teriyaki chicken marinade this recipe is pretty easy to prepare for your next tailgate or backyard BBQ.

6-8 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (frozen)
1 Bottle LAWRY’S® Teriyaki Marinade with Pineapple Juice ( linky)*
1 Zip Lock Baggie for mixing

1) Put frozen chicken breasts in baggie, pour in marinade and seal bag removing as much air as possible in the process.

barbecue teriyaki chicken breasts marinade overnight This lively marinade is the perfect fusion of pineapple juice, soy sauce and other traditional Asian seasonings. LAWRY'S® Teriyaki Marinade with Pineapple Juice is a tasty solution

Marinade in the fridge overnight to maximize flavor.

2) Place in refrigerator overnight (When starting with frozen chicken, I like to marinade for 24 hours).

3) Make sure to oil the grill with cooking spray or other oil to help reduce sticking.

4) Preheat the grill to about 400º F.

chicken breasts on the grill

Let the chicken kiss the Grill

5) Remove chicken from baggie (with tongs) and place onto the hottest part of grill for 2-3 minutes to make nice sear marks.

(discard any remaining marinade)

6) Rotate chicken 45 degrees, and sear again for another 2-3 minutes.

7) Flip chicken breast over and move to indirect heat for the remaining time on the grill  at 325º F for an additional 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the breast.

teriyaki chicken 30 minute marinade recipe tailgating bonless breasts

Nice and Juicy and ready to remove from grill

Make sure internal temperature registers 165 F when checked with a thermometer.

Let rest 2-3 minutes before serving.

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