Eat Turkey and Watch Football Day !!!

Eat Turkey and Watch Football Day !!!

November 20, 2018 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Eat Turkey and Watch Football Day !!!

“Thanksgiving” and “Football” go together like “So fat” and “Your Mamma Jokes”.

Its the start of that magical time of year when no one judges you for eating WAY TOO MUCH food AND (if you are lucky) you get to take in a “nap” while you wait for your out-of-town relatives to leave the holy sanctity of your fan cave.

Well, I’m sorry we can’t control how long your unwanted guests hang out at your house, but hopefully we can give you a few recipe ideas.

Might we suggest the following comfort food:
Lingonberries and Meatballs are a fantastic pregame snack
and make sure you have some Deviled Eggs with Jalapeños made up ahead of time. OH! it is always good to have some Thor’s Caviar on hand for people to snack on.

Make sure to prepare your bird

And remember… Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like turkey injected with beer! Whole Smoked Turkey with Beer Injection.

If you don’t have time to cook an entire turkey, grab some cooked turkey legs from your local butcher and wrap those wonderful meat clubs in bacon  and feed them to your smoker so later you can feast like a caveman.

Along with the meat… make some potatoes… we love doing red potatoes on the grill.
But if is too cold to go outside might we suggest you treat your slow cooker to some Crock Pot Tater Tots. Yummy and easy.

If you are looking for an easy yet awesome grilled finish to the day might we suggest a couple of our favorites: Grilled Cinnamon Apple Crisp or Pineapple Doughnut Dessert.

Whatever you decide to cook… we hope the games are great, your favorite team wins… and you do indeed get to take that well deserved nap. 🙂


kcco beer injected whole smoked turkey wrapped in bacon

Keep Calm and Wrap it in Bacon

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