Frostival Beard Invasion 2019

Frostival Beard Invasion 2019

January 22, 2019 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Frostival Beard Invasion, hosted by the Fargo Invaders & sanctioned by BAND (Beard Associates of North Dakota), compete as part of Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo’s Frostival on Saturday, January 26th from 4-6pm. (winter festival in Fargo, North Dakota.)

Anyone can participate! Free event t-Shirt with online registration. Registration continues until 5 days prior to event.


Bearding is the sport of growing, grooming and presenting one’s facial hair.

So bring your family or friends;  the bushiest, the most stylish and the weirdest,  to showcase those chops, bristles, and whiskers and become the upper Midwest’s facial hair connoisseur.

Bearding isn’t just a sport, it’s a movement. One where we can come together and “grow” from the power within yourself, to be the best you can. Your power of the beard can give you the confidence and strength to reach your full potential every single day. The power of the beard is contagious.

Live on the razors edge and join us in our growing community!

Contestant options are as follows:
Moustache Division – This division is distinguished by having hair that grows only above the corner of the mouth,

  • Natural
  • Styled

Partial Beard Division – Facial hair alone the jaw line that does not connect from ear to ear.

  • Chops
  • Goatee
  • Alaskan Whaler
  • Styled

Full Beard Division – Facial hair will include moustache and beard connecting from ear to ear.

  • Natural, Business casual (2” or under)
  • Natural, Under 8”
  • Natural, Over 8”
  • Full beard, Styled Moustache
  • Freestyle

Creative Division – Anything goes. Whatever you can create to look like a beard or moustache and manage to keep on your face will be accepted.

  • Moustache
  • Beard
  • Junior Beard or Moustache(17 and under)

Contestants can purchase a Frostival Lanyard available at the registration desk day of the event.

Meet and Greet

We will be at the booth from 2-4 prior to the event for those who would like to stop by for a visit before.


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