Game Day Fruit Punch

Game Day Fruit Punch

January 27, 2017 1 By Aaron Goldfarb

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Game Day Fruit Punch

Punching Up a Punch
Of course, the smartest way to up your tailgate cocktail game is to simply make a punch. With a punch, all you need to do is make one giant cocktail – not dozens or even hundreds every time yet another person needs “freshening up.”

how to Make a large batch of cocktails when tailgating

You should be long past those college days of pouring a cheap bottle of vodka or grain alcohol with a few quarts of prepackaged juice or fruit punch. Today’s punches are just as complex, layered, and sophisticated as drinks prepared one at a time. The best thing about a punch, though, is that exact measurements are not as important. The morning of the game, or even the night before, grab a few bottles of booze and start mixing and matching them in the container you wish to serve from – whether that’s a pitcher, a plastic punch bowl (remember, you’re in a parking lot – now is not the time to bring out grandma’s crystal punch bowl), or even a giant Igloo cooler. Once you’ve found a flavor profile you like, you’re good to go. Just be sure to add some ice and any carbonated/sparkling components (champagne, prosecco, seltzer, etc.) at the absolute last second before people arrive to start drinking. Label the punch with what’s in it – you don’t accidentally want nondrinkers or children hitting the hooch – and let people feel free to knock themselves out… literally. And now feel free to schmooze, have a drink yourself, and prepare for the big game!

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