Grill Masters Club Review

Grill Masters Club Review

May 30, 2017 1 By Admiral BigGun

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Hey tailgating fans!!!! We have been wanting to do this review for quite some time now so, I asked myself… self:

“HEY… Why not now?”

So then I waited for an excuse… but didn’t come up with one… so HERE WE GO!

Grill Masters Club* is a pretty neat idea.  It is basically a GIVE ME NEW GRILLING IDEAS EVERY MONTH club”.

This would make for a pretty cool gift idea for people you know who enjoy grilling, smoking, and backyard barbecue. It also would make a good gift idea for someone you would like to see get much much better at these activities.

Yeah… you know who you are thinking about.

time to open the grill master club box

OOOOH So excited!!! What is inside?

Each month Grill Masters Club members can expect to receive some lesser known (but high quality) products such as sauces, rubs, marinades, wood chips and/or grilling accessories, which will be delivered by your favorite football player,  a big honking carrier pigeon, a modern transport company right to your grill or smoker. That is, assuming the shipping address you give them is near your grill or smoker… which seriously cuts down on food prep time… so yeah… we definitely suggest you do that.

grill masters box non bias review of the club

Check out all the grilling stuff in crammed into the box!

Tailgate Master got the chance to get our hands on a pretty-much typical monthly sample, and I have to say, our little box was packed full of flavor.  (certainly more than we could use up in a month)

When we first opened up the box, we first noticed a card that had a custom recipe along with information about each little treasure that was included in our container.  Our particular box had two large bottles of sauces, two tiny bottles (of very hot) sauces, along with a packet of specialty spice rub and a recipe/details card.

ass kickin sauce

Chile & Original Ass Kickin’ Sauces

ass kickin' sauce

Original ### Kickin’ Sauce

Chile & Lime Hot Sauce

They say good things come in small packages.

I certainly won’t argue against that thought process this week! The two smallest bottles we found in the container were fantastically well put together hot sauces made by a great little company in Goodyear, Arizona called Southwest Specialty Food, Inc. They have been kickin’ butt and taking names while manufacturing high quality gourmet food products (with clever names) since the late 1980s.

Their three letter word for a donkey label certainly gets your attention much like a fast horse-shoe-hoof-to-the-face!!  They are KICKIN’ it big time! But impact doesn’t stop with a cute label…  the sauce also kicks butt! I personally preferred the Chile and Lime…HOT and YUM! It is a great way to add heat to wings… but if you really want the next level of heat, try the the Original Kickin’ Sauce!!! HOKEY SMOKES!! (Having a fire extinguisher nearby… not a bad idea… just sayin’.)

Feiny's Rubs

Feiny’s Rubs

Next up there was a rub from Colorado called FEINY’s RUBS. The specialty rub we got (Masala Delight) was low on salt but big on flavor. No Gluten, No Preservatives or MSG, this particular rub was designed to be good on poultry, fish, salads and other veggies.  We decided to try it out on chicken. The result was not bad at all… (LINKY TO RECIPE COMING SOON)

We would spend money on that one again.

Next up we got to the big bottles of sauces. They were made by a company out of Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina called Shealy’s.  Shealy’s sauces definitely have a tasty southern charm. These unique blends are vinegar based, reasonably priced (according to their website) and are truly something special. The Mustard BBQ (in the yellow bottle) had a sweet, smoky, and tangy flavor. I’m pretty sure that this sauce is a solid reflection of most Carolina taste buds. We were happy to try it out on ribs in the smoker. It certainly didn’t disappoint. (LINKY TO RECIPE COMING SOON)

Shealys Bar-B-Que sauce on baby back ribs

Shealy’s Bar-B-Que sauces have a tasty southern charm.

The other (red colored) bottle was a Vinegar and Pepper Bar-B-Que Sauce smelled strong and we thought might be a bit overpowering… but it wasn’t. We tested this on Smoked Ribs and Grilled Salmon. It was magnificent on both. (LINKY to Grilled Salmon RECIPE)

each month you get different grilling stuff and ideas

Stuff in the box changes every month

I’m not sure how they did it, but Grill Masters Club knocked it out of the park with every selection in this box. I’m not sure if they do that every month (hey we all have different taste buds) but… yeah! 9.5 out of 10 for flavor this time around.

(Grill Masters Club,  Sheally’s Bar-B-Que, Feiny’s Rubs, and Southwest Specialty Foods, Inc. are NOT in any way affiliated with us at – We are not paid affiliates nor do we take compensation for our reviews. We may receive products free of charge, for purposes of this review. All opinions included here are 100% our own.)

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