Grilling Around The World

Grilling Around The World

August 31, 2017 0 By Sherry Chen

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10 Different Ways That People Grill Around the World

Summer’s in full swing, and so is grilling season. Now that you’ve dusted off the grill, refresh your favorite dry rub recipe and invite the neighborhood over. We know hot dogs and hamburgers reign supreme in the U.S., but maybe this year you want to add some different flair to your fire. That got us thinking—how do people grill around the world?

We researched 10 of the most popular grilling methods around the globe, as well as what different countries love to grill most. So for your next block party, instead of buying grocery store franks, consider making your own custom recipe to invoke the flavors of Japanese yakitori or Mexican carne asada. Your barbecue will be out of this world—and have neighbors lining up for seconds.

Check out this grilling around the world info-graphic:

Grilling Around The World Infographic. Japan: Japanese barbecues is called Hibachi. Poplular dish is Yakitori chicken. create the flavor with soy sauce, mirin and garlicHow people grill in Mexico. Mexican barbecue is called Asada. Popular dish Carne asada beef. Create the flavor with lime, cumin, coriander and chipotle.China. Chinese barbecue tends to be cooked rotisserie style, and is called Siu Mei. Popular dish is Char Siu pork. Create the flavor with ginger, soy sauce, honey garlic and 5 spice.Germany. Usually cooked on a swinging grill, berman barbecue is called Schwenker. Popular dish Schwenkbraten pork steak. Create the flavor with thyme, paprika, curry, garlic, oregano and cayenne.South Korea, Korean barbecue, or Gogigui is often cooked on a table grill. Poplular dish bulgogi beef. Create teh flavor with mirin, sou sauce, ginger, brown sugar and garlic.Jamaica. Like Americans, Jamacans call it barbecue and tend to use barrel grills. Popular dish is Jerk Chicken. Create the flavor with chiles, ginger, thyme, cinnamon and scallions.Greece. Skewered and cooked on an open flame spit, Grecian barbecue is called Obeliskos. Poular dish Souvlako kabob. Create the flavor with oregano, lemon and garlic.Russia. Russian barbecue is calle Mangal, and is typically cooked on an open flame grill. Popular dish Shahlik kabob. Create the flavor with lemon, garlic, dill and bay leaves.South Africa. Open flame gridiron grills are used for South African barbecue, called Braai. Popular dish is Boerewors sausage. Create the flavor with cloves, nutmed and coriander.

Brazil. Churrasco is the Brazilian term of barbecue and is cooked on an open flame spit style grill. Popular dish Churasco various meats. Create the flavor with cilantro, garlic, mint and parsley.

Grilling Around the World info-graphic provided by Personal Creations

Trying new foods and ways to grill can be adventurous and pay off with tasty discoveries. However, there’s always room for the classics too.


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