How to make Beer Cocktails

How to make Beer Cocktails

January 24, 2017 0 By Aaron Goldfarb

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Examining Beer Cocktails
For your fellow fans who aren’t quite the hard-liquor type, temper their trepidation about mixed drinks with a beer cocktail. Beer cocktails are yet another great way to make a complex drink that will impress the crowd while still keeping alcohol levels mild. You’ve probably even had a beer cocktail and not realized it – think of a Black & Tan (a mix of a pale beer and a stout), a Snakebite (lager and cider), or even a Michelada (beer mixed with lemon juice, salt, Worcestershire sauce, and/or hot sauce).
How to make a beer cock tail

Nowadays, though, beer cocktails have become even more complex than the aforementioned, and it can be fun to play around with combinations. Instead of topping a spritz with seltzer water or sparkling wine, try a hefeweizen. Instead of topping your tequila with lime juice, try a Mexican lager or Belgian witbeir/saison. And a spiced rum or bourbon can play perfectly with a fruity beer or even an IPA. Play around and discover flavor combinations you like – the tailgate is your oyster!

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