I Triple Dog Dare You

I Triple Dog Dare You

October 27, 2014 0 By Admiral BigGun

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So you are thinking about making regular ole hot dogs for the game? WELL DROP YOUR TONGS!!!!

This past weekend I invented my new favorite thing and I’m calling it the “Triple-Dog-Dare-You”.  This baby is one mega-massive-meat dog made with three (count ’em) three meats and pepper jack cheese.  It’s not too tough… but if you make it, people will be talking about it all week… I’m Super Cereal.

Makes 10 Dogs

2 Pounds Ground Beef
5 All Beef Hot Dogs or All Beef Brats (cut in half the long way)
1/2 pound thick sliced bacon
10 Hot Dog Buns
Pepper Jack Cheese
Lowery’s Seasoned Salt
Spicy Brown Mustard

1) Pre-heat grill to 350 degrees F.

2) Place non stick aluminum foil on grill or regular aluminum foil and spray with non-stick grilling spray.

bacon, ground beef and beef dogs

The Meat and Cheese is ready

3) Mash ground beef into 10 long thin dog like patties.

grilled dogs wrapped in bacon

Pepper Jack Cheese mashed into the meat

4) Press in the Pepper Jack Cheese.

ground beef with bacon and pepperjack cheses cheese mmm bacon

Top with dog then form the ground beef around the lot

5) Top with half brat (cut brat in half the long way) and shape beef around cheese and brat.

wrap the bacon around the brat wrap the bacon around the hot dog

Wrap snug with bacon

6) Wrap entire dog with a single slice of thick sliced bacon.

bacon wrapped doggies yeah get along little doggies


7) Sprinkle with Seasoned Salt.

grill 350 for about 15 minutes

Grill over Indirect Heat

8) Place on aluminum foil and grill at 350 (Indirect Heat)  for approximately 20 minutes turning as needed.

bacon wrapped tailgating

Triple Dog Dare You

9) Serve on hot dog bun with Spicy Brown Mustard and nothing else… no really you guys…. I’m Super Cereal.  It is the perfect topping for this scrumptious concoction … just Spicy Brown Mustard and the Triple Dog Dare You.

10) Take a photo and send it to us PHOTOS @ TailgateMaster.com. We want to see how you tailgate!