Lemon Salmon

Lemon Salmon

March 28, 2012 0 By Admiral BigGun

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One of my wife’s favorite feel good foods is salmon on the grill. Making this is a good way to get myself out of the dog house when I have done something stupid to put myself in there. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it… I should just start making this for her everyday.

1/2 pound salmon
1 whole lemon
1/2 cup butter
1 pinch lemon pepper


grilled salmon recipe

salmon with butter and lemon pepper


  1. Place salmon filet (skin side down) in aluminum foil pan.
  2. Slice lemon and add to pan. Top with butter and pepper.
  3. Lemon pepper salmon on the grill
  4. Grill on lower rack for approx 20 minutes. You can tell when it is done when the meat easily separates from the skin.


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