Lingonberries and Meatballs

Lingonberries and Meatballs

November 20, 2016 1 By Admiral BigGun

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Lingonberries and Meatballs

Lingonberries are to Swedish people as what blackberries are to Americans. Lingonberry Jam is normally used as a relish but Today we are using it as the main ingredient in a yummy game-day sauce for our meatballs to marinade in. 

Lingonberry Jam 
Grape Jelly
Chili Sauce 
Meatballs (cooked & frozen)

This is the basic ratio: (1 part Lingonberry + 2 parts Grape Jelly + 2 parts Chili Sauce)
You can scale this recipe to cover as many meatballs as your crock pot will hold.

1) Mix the jam, jelly and chili sauce together until evenly distributed, then add to crock pot

2) Add your meatballs then mix so sauce completely coats them

3) Set on low for 6-8 hours (or if you are pressed for time, high for 2-3 hours)

4) Serve warm

recipe for tailgate part easy and fast crock pot cooking lingonberries and swedish meatballs

Easy slow cooker Meatballs in Lingonberry Sauce



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