Peach Wood Smoked Ham

Peach Wood Smoked Ham

December 25, 2014 1 By Admiral BigGun

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Ham and the Holidays go together like Bacon and Eggs….or bacon and darn near anything, for that matter.  Your smoker is one of the most wonderful tools for taking a holiday ham to the next level. Oh sure, you could use a crock pot or even (gasp) an oven… but once you’ve tried it on the smoker, you’ll never want to do one any other way.

10 Pound Big Honking Ham Shank 
2 Tablespoons KC Butt Spice (linky) *
1 Can Sliced Pineapple
Peach Wood 

pineapple ham in the smoker

Ham is ready for spices

1) Thaw ham and allow it to reach room temp

2) Cover all sides of ham with spices… lightly pat

3) Add wood to smoker

peachwood in the smoker ham smoked with pineapple juices

Peach is a great wood to pair with ham

4) Place ham in smoker … fat side up (to allow the juices to flow around and into the ham) top with several slices of pineapple

tailgating pineapple topped peachwood smoked ham in the smoker

Place a few pineapple slices on the top

4) Smoke at 225% for 2  hours then remove from smoker

5) Pour a couple of ounces of the pineapple juice over top, then then wrap entire ham in aluminum foil and return to smoker

smoked pineapple topped peachwood smoked ham in the smoker

add pineapple juice and wrap in foil

6) Smoke for an additional two hours – Internal Temp should reach 145 degrees F

smoked to perfection

Ready to carve

Remove from smoker and allow to rest about 25-30 minutes before carving.

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