Choosing the Perfect Tailgating Spot

Choosing the Perfect Tailgating Spot

May 29, 2017 0 By John Thomas

Parking Spot Selection

When you pull into the parking lot you will have some options, especially if you get there early enough. Think about where you want to be. Do you think it might rain? If so, look for cover from a tree or a bridge. Where is the Port-a-Potty? You don’t want to be right next to it due to odors and long lines – being about 100 feet away from it is best. The worst thing is walking half a mile to find a bathroom.

Also… Look at who you are pulling in next to. Are they blasting music you can’t stand? If you don’t like cigarette smoke, watch for people smoking and don’t park next to them. Try to be at least three cars away from someone who is being noisy and smoking. It’s easy to have your tailgate party ruined by a neighbor’s bad music and cigarette or cigar smoke.

Last, look for a public trash can and a hot coal disposal drum. Parking lots usually have red painted charcoal disposal drums you can use to get rid of hot coals. Look for one and park close! After you pull into the spot, arrange the chairs and table around the cooler and set up the grill and table.

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