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Making Ribeyes on the Grill

A nice, thick, juicy ribeye is probably my favorite food in the whole world. Not sure that everyone can do this where they live, but I’m fortunate enough to have a grocery store close by that sells an entire side of beef ribeye. It’s expensive compared to just buying a couple steaks, but the last time I bought an entire side it was only 5 bucks a pound, where individually cut ribeyes where over $10, so in the long run it was actually cheaper, and I could cut them as thick as I want.
(for 2 people)

1 ribeye steak
5 ounces Italian dressing

1.) It’s said a good cut of meat needs no seasoning, and that’s true with a well marbled ribeye. I’ll use minimal seasonings when grilling ribeyes, either some coarse ground pepper or Montreal steak seasoning, once on each side and that’s it. If I decide to marinade them, the absolute best marinade for a ribeye steak is…wait for it…Italian dressing. Wishbone Italian dressing, cross my heart. Put the steaks in a zip lock, add the dressing, and let them soak for a couple hours.

2.) Once I get them on the grill, I cook them to medium rare. Anyone who takes a ribeye (or any steak, for that matter) and cooks it to the consistency of shoe leather is un-American and you should have your grill privileges revoked.



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