Super Drink Ideas for Sunday

Super Drink Ideas for Sunday

January 30, 2019 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Super Drink Ideas for Sunday

How to make Beer Cocktails:

Nowadays, though, beer cocktails have become even more complex than the aforementioned, and it can be fun to play around with combinations. Instead of topping a spritz with seltzer water or sparkling wine, try a hefeweizen. Instead of topping your tequila with lime juice, try a Mexican lager or Belgian witbeir/saison. And a spiced rum or bourbon can play perfectly with a fruity beer or even an IPA. Play around and discover flavor combinations you like –

This SUNDAY is a SUPER time to try something different!

More ideas…

George Dickel Iced Tea

Fans can celebrate a sweet victory from their favorite team with this sweet drink. This iced tea is great for all occasions, whether fans are gearing up for the big game or celebrating after.
(Recipe LINKY)


With a punch, all you need to do is make one giant cocktail – not dozens or even hundreds every time yet another person needs “freshening up.” The best thing about a punch, though, is that exact measurements are not as important. The morning of the game, or even the night before, grab a few bottles of booze and start mixing and matching them in the container you wish to serve from. (LINKY)


French Quarter Cooler (pictured left)

The French Quarter cooler is perfect when fans are looking for an extra lift in the fourth quarter. This refreshing drink will be sure to keep everyone going for a fourth quarter rally. (recipe LINKY)


Ginger Whiskey Sour

A good Ginger Whiskey can make any football game a successful one for fans. This recipe features a great Bulleit® Bourbon that perfectly complements this cocktail.
(recipe LINKY)




Top 10 Tailgating Whiskey Drinks

Here is a pretty good list of ten popular drinks you might enjoy. Did your favorite whiskey tailgate drink make the list? (LINKY)

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnd….. If you cant find any you like in the lists above… you can always go with one of my favorites:

The Purple Jesus purplejesus.protected.0.jpg (Recipe Linky)


For additional drink ideas please comment below.

Have fun this weekend and be safe!

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