Super Easy Pork Seasoning

Super Easy Pork Seasoning

September 21, 2014 0 By Admiral BigGun

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So you don’t own any measuring cups but still want to make a custom Rib Rub? Well you are in luck because there are a METRIC TON of commercial rubs available. Some are great, some are not so great. If you mix the right ones together, it truly does become something special. This is one of my favorites for pork loin or ribs when I don’t have time to make up one of my custom seasonings, and i want a different twist on the off-the-shelf rub.

1 Part Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt (linky)
1 Part Cabela’s Open Season Roasted Garlic & Beer Spice Blend (linky)
1 Part Famous Dave’s Rib Rub (linky)

Mix together one third of each for a truly great blend of herbs and spices that is a perfect enhancement for the pork in your smoker.

beer and garlic, seasonings cabela's

Cabela’s, Famous Dave’s and Jane’s Seasonings all getting along 🙂