Sweet Chicken On A Stick

Sweet Chicken On A Stick

March 31, 2012 0 By Admiral BigGun

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One of the things that can be pretty important at a tailgate is to serve “one-handed” food… cause you prob. have an adult beverage in the other. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay with burgers or hotdogs… grill softly… then put it on a big stick!

(For 2 people )

1 chicken breast
1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
1 wooden skewer
1 cup brown sugar
1 dash sweet onion pepper seasoning
2 floz Sweet and Zesty BBQ Sauce

NOTE: Handle raw chicken with caution!

  1. Rinse filets in cold water and dry lightly with paper paper towel. While you have the water out, soak 2 wooden skewers per filet in water for 5-10 min.
  2. Cut each breast into two pieces so you have two long and narrow strips.
  3. Insert skewer halfway into each piece like in the picture.
  4. Completely coat each “chicken on a stick” with EVOO and season generously with sweet onion pepper and brown sugar.
  5. Make sure to “grease” your grill with non-flammable cooking oil or cooking spray to prevent your chicken from sticking.
  6. Place skewers on grill with the “stick” end toward the coolest part of your grill (I leave one burner off when doing these).
  7. Grill on medium-high heat for 15-20 minutes turning about every five minutes.
  8. Coat with BBQ sauce in the last 5-10 minutes of grill time. Allow to cool a bit before serving.