Sweet Heat Raspberry Wings

Sweet Heat Raspberry Wings

November 16, 2015 1 By Admiral BigGun

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These Raspberry Chicken Wings are an original recipe of mine and require only three ingredients to make the sauce. You can grill the wings to make them crispy or just throw them in your slow cooker for a real easy way to make game day appraiser.

It is especially fun to give ’em the raspberry during rival week!

12 Frozen Chicken Wings (fully cooked)
1 Part Smuckers Red Raspberry Preserves (linky)*
1 Part Sweet Baby Rays (original) BBQ Sauce (linky)*
1 Tablespoon Crushed Red Pepper Flakes


sweet baby rays bbq sauce smuckers rapberry preserves

Use a 50/50 Mix Ratio

1) Put Preserves, BBQ Sauce and Red Pepper Flakes in a mixing bowl and mix well (you can adjust the heat by adding more or less red pepper)

2) Put frozen wings in crock pot

3) Pour mixture over wings

raspberry chicken wings

This is a perfect blend of tart and sweet for chicken wings

4) Cover Crock Pot and set on HIGH for 2 hours (or LOW for 4-6 hours).

red raspberry chicken wings

The sauce gives it a Sticky Sweet Heat that really good!

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