Tailgating Food Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Game-Day Party

Tailgating Food Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Game-Day Party

June 7, 2020 1 By Isabell Gaylord

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Tailgating is fun – any student would agree with this statement. But getting wasted on an empty stomach doesn’t sound too enjoyable now, does it? Since football season is bound to start soon, you’d better prepare yourself. Cool recipes are thetrick to adding value to your ultra-tailgate-games and making it fun for everybody involved. You don’t even have to know how to cook well in order to get your game started. We included some quick tips and tricks that can make anybody at your party have the best time of their lives! If you have some relevant content to add, tell us all about it. We wanna know!

Bring a cooler

One of the coolest things about tailgates is that you can drink in the middle of the day and literally no one will care (that is because everybody does it). Thus, to have the coolest party ever, make sure you bring your own cooler. Prepare it and design it accordingly the night before the game; in the morning, just add some ice to it. Voila! Your cooler (and all that comes with it) is ready to go!

P.S. – you should probably refrigerate your alcohol the night before to keep it cool.

Make room for the supplies that you’re purchasing

As an essay writer, I learned that the next thing you might want to do is declutter your car so you can have enough space to fit the foods that you’ll purchase (and for the alcohol that inevitably comes with it).I’m usually super disorganized but have to pull myself together when it comes to this. You’ll want to make sure that your jumper cables stay in the car for this reason.

A bottle opener is essential

This is actually the first thing that you should consider, I don’t know why it is third on my list. Get as many bottle openers as you can with you to make sure that you guys are going to have the best time of your life. If you don’t have one, get it when you purchase the foods.

Plates and all the necessary items

Since you’ll probably get pretty wasted, it’s a good idea to check that you have everything you need the night before the game. So, check if you have enough plates and utensils for all people that will join your party. Make sure you have enough trash bags to avoid littering (this is actually very important). Be prepared for what is about to come. Also, have hand sanitizer, markers, and duct tape on you just in case – you’d be surprised by how many (food) problems can be solved with these items.

Browse the most delicious (and easiest) recipes at least one week ahead

Grilling on Gameday!

Make room for some cool recipes. Here are some of the best ones that we could find. Check them out and add to this content if you can – we’re always open and curious to see what other people are bringing to the game (literally andmetaphorically). In the meantime, think about cooking some:

  • Fresh Salami sandwiches
  • Caramelized onions with shallots
  • Spicy chicken wings & cheese/ranch dip
  • Sausage puffs for that cold beer
  • Cabbage bread
  • Guac and chips
  • Cheese breadsticks
  • Sausage chicken buns or turkey buns – yummm!
  • Pigs in a blanket (oh my Gosh the flavor on these)
  • Hawaiian teriyaki chicken BBQ
  • Have a mix that suits your needs
  • Cheeseballs
  • Veggies plates with vinaigrette
  • Corn salad
  • Scallion with dill dip
  • Little smokies
  • American sushi!
  • and more…

Aaaaaand the list can go on. And on. And on. “The dishes are THE best part of a tailgate,” writes professional essay writing service specialist, Mark Robertson. There are so many ideas to consider that it is inevitable to not find something amazing. Tailgates are an American tradition so you must ensure that you make the best out of these events – ya know?

Bring a charger!

Yeah, you heard me. Since you will be partying all day, your phone might run out of battery, so how will you keep that music jamming? Bring a charger with you. Also, a huuuuge speaker. If you can, hire one of your DJ friends to play for you – that’d be pretty neat, wouldn’t it? Not even having to care about playing music.

Bring sunscreen with you!

So, you might be thinking,how does sunscreen relate to food? Here’s how – if you get sunburnt, you won’t be able to enjoy any of the dishes that you’ve cooked. So, you better stay prepared and bring that lotion with you. Bring extra if you can, for all of your friends.

Bring activity games and other things you might use

beer pong victory
WINNER! (Beer Pong Rules)

According to academized reviews on the essay writing services interviewed, the majority of individuals agreed that games are essential at a tailgate. So, bring a football, horseshoes, and even cards if you are into that. I’m sure that everybody will be more than happy to play along. You might want to check with your buddies the day before to see what they’d prefer – make it fun for everyone involved, will you?

Keep your food at the right temperature

Uber Chill XL Personal Cooler and Warmer review
High Tech Cooler… OR Warmer! (click here for a review of this baby)

Your hot foods should be served anywhere above 140 degrees F, while your cold foods should not be above 40 degrees F. Please don’t serve foods that go bad. Keep your friends ready and healthy for your next tailgate party!


Whether you are a huge fan of tailgates or not, you should definitely engage in some effective preparation the night before the game. Make sure that everything is ready to go and only make the last updates in the morning. Ensuring that everybody is going to have a great time is a wonderful way of giving back what you might have received until now.

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