Tequila Grilled Chicken Legs

Tequila Grilled Chicken Legs

March 31, 2018 0 By Admiral BigGun

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This tequila and lime marinade was something I found made by Sweet Baby Ray’s.

I  will show you how to grill great chicken drumsticks but keep in mined this recipe is enough for an entire chicken sectioned up into pieces. You could also use, just chicken breasts or just legs or heck any combination of chicken that you want (or even turkey for that matter).

And don’t panic… It’s super easy.

(For 3 people)

6 Chicken Legs (thawed)
1/2 Bottle Tequila Lime Marinade & Sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s) linky*

    1. Rinse chicken pieces and place in gallon sized Ziploc freezer bag.tequilagrilled_chicken02
    2. Pour marinade over chicken.tequilagrilled_chicken03
    3. Seal bag and refrigerate for 1-2 hours (i don’t like to go longer than that as the lime can be overpowering)
    4. Oil grill with non stick spray then preheat to 450 F.
    5. Remove chicken from bag and place on grill over indirect heat.


      Place on grill “nice” side up

    6. Pour extra marinade over your drumsticks then discard bag and make sure to wash your hands. (you don’t want to take any chances with raw chicken)

      Flip at the half way point

      Flip at the half way point

    7. Grill directly on grate (indirect heat) for approx 35 -45 minutes turning at least once. Make sure to test chicken with meat thermometer. Internal temp should be at least 165F.
      drumsticks on the grill tailgate master

      Grilled tequila and lime chicken drumsticks

      Want fries with that? Click here to see how i made the seasoned french fries on the grill.


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