Three Weeks – Three Wins !!!

Three Weeks – Three Wins !!!

July 9, 2012 0 By Admiral BigGun

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Tom Ahrndt Racing

Tailgate Master Car

The Tailgate Master 86 Car is on a roll!!

It was another hot night at the track, but it didn’t seem to slow the drivers down. The cars hung pretty tight through the race and several cars were working for position early. With the heat it dried out the track quickly and didn’t leave very many places to run and get any traction.

Tom started the feature in 6th place. Aaron Leroux started 5th and Tommy Habedank in 7th. Both Aaron and Tommy Habedank tooks turns with the lead early in the race. They had the low side of the track, which ended up being where everyone had to run to get traction.

As they got close to half way through the race, Tom (86) managed to get around Tommy Habedank and take the lead. He stayed low and kept his foot to the pedal.

Tom held on for the win. It was single file racing for the most part, but the cars stayed tight and made it a really fun race to watch. Check out the replay of the race at Ahrndt Racing.