The Top 10 BBQ Sauces for Little Smokies

The Top 10 BBQ Sauces for Little Smokies

August 15, 2018 0 By Admiral BigGun

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What is the Best BBQ Sauce to use with Little Smokies?*

Little Smokies in the slow cooker is one of the greatest inventions for game day since dead pig was wrapped around dead cow. I have been telling people about this simple football crock pot recipe for years and truth be told there are many great variations on this concoction but really… the standard recipe is super simple:

little smokies

This is a MUST on game day.

1) Place Smokies in Crock Pot

2) Pour half-bottle BBQ sauce over Smokies

3) Cook on high for 1.5 – 2 hours. Stir occasionally then Eat

Now that you are familiar with the basic recipe …. you ask…”yeah but WHICH Store Bought BBQ sauce tastes the best with these tiniest of smokies?”

WEEEHHHHHHELLLLLLL my friends… that is why we wrote this article. I present to you thee definitive Tailgate Master Top 10 List:


HONORABLE MENTION: Sweet Bay Rays: Hawaiian Style* (linky)

This is a pretty great commercial sauce and it becomes almost magical when mixed with crushed pineapple. 😀 We love it on pork and is certainly great with little smokes.

But this list isn’t about home-made concoctions and/or blends and/or mixes. We wanted to create a Top 10 ranking of our favorite store bought blends.

So here we go…

10) Hunt’s : Original BBQ Sauce* (linky)

This is not the best barbecue sauce in the world… but for the price per bottle, it is a really solid choice.

9) Sweet Baby Rays: Honey Chipolte* (linky)

YUM! When Sweet Sauce by itself is not enough… You gotta love a little heat with your meat.

8) Sweet Baby Ray’s : Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce* (linky)

This blend is a staple on most meat. (I can’t even tell you how much I love it on pork) the sweet plus spice makes it a go-to choice for many.

7) Tostitos Salsa Con Queso Cheese Sauce* 🙂 (linky)

Okay Okay… this is not a BBQ sauce … but when you add this sauce to a slow cooker it makes for a fantastic cheesy delicious swimming pool for your tiny little smokies to swim in… before you eat them. YUM!

6) Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce: Rich & Sassy* (linky)

A fine blend of sweet and light heat which I personally think makes a superior accent to little smokies.

5) Cookies Original: Sweet and Smoky Sauce* (linky)

I have only recently discovered this one. Not too sweet and not too spicy. Cookies has a nice flavor that gives a great boost to smokies in the crock pot.

The best bbq sauce on little smokies

What is your favorite BBQ Sauce?

4)  Stubb’s Original Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce* (linky)

Solid choice! Stubb’s is top notch as far as I am considered. Legendary for a reason. They start with top notch ingredients and the end result is fantastic. Yum!

3) Sweet Baby Ray’s : Original BBQ Sauce* (linky)

SBR’s is a fantastic sauce for chicken… heck, I LOVE it on chicken (especially grilled chicken wings) and it is also makes a good choice for little smokes.

2) Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce: Devils Spit* (linky)

WOW! Now this BBQ Sauce has a better bite than a fat guy dressed in drag watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show…. and just like that event, you wont soon forget that time your got your first bite.


1) Jack Daniel’s OLD NO 7 Original Barbecue Sauce* (linky)

For me… Jack Daniels Old No. 7  is that perfect blend of BBQ with just a bit of Bite that goes so absolutely frickin’ wonderful with little smokies on game day. I ALWAYS try to have some on hand.


game day little smokies int he crock pot

Game Day without little smokies is like Soccer without fake injuries


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