Tropical Osborn

Tropical Osborn

March 15, 2015 0 By Steve Osborn

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Tropical Osborn with pineapple mango rum, strawberry lemonade and coconut rum

Iced Tea/Lemonade + Vodka + Rum

As you probably already know, an Arnold Palmer is a beverage consisting of iced tea and lemonade. Add Vodka and it becomes a Tropical Arnie… but add Vodka AND Rum, and it gets taken to a whole new level of refreshing yum!

50/50 mix Lemonade & Iced Tea
1 shot Strawberry Lemonade Vodka
1 shot Mango Pineapple Vodka
1 shot Coconut Rum
1 Big Honking Glass with ice!

1) Half Fill a huge glass or mug with ice.

2) Add 1 shot of Pineapple Mango Vodka & 1 shot of Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

3) Add 1 shot Coconut Rum

4) Fill rest of glass with 50/50 mix of Lemonade and Iced Tea

Optional: Top with slice of pineapple and/or fruit skewer of  mandarin orange /strawberry/pineapple

rum vodka and lemonade iced tea arnold palmer grink

Tropical Osborn = Iced Tea/Lemonade + Vodka + Rum