We Need Your Help! 2020 Special Olympics Polar Plunge

We Need Your Help! 2020 Special Olympics Polar Plunge

November 11, 2019 1 By Admiral BigGun

I can’t believe it… but we are doing it again!




Updated 11-27-2019

Polar Plunge for Special Olympics MN ABG

whoa -oh, we’re half way there…

I’m writing to ask for your support. We have committed to grin and “bear” it for the athletes of Special Olympics Minnesota by participating in the Polar Plunge again in 2020.

I know — you’re probably getting cold just thinking about it! But the cold that I’ll feel is only temporary; the positive impact we’ll have on the lives of over 8,000 Special Olympics Minnesota athletes with intellectual disabilities will last a lifetime!

Please doniate today for Minnesota Special Olympics

ABG in 2018

I’ve set a personal fundraising goal, and I need your help to reach it! So no, I’m not asking you to take the Plunge (although I’d love you to join me!), but I AM asking if you’ll make a donation to Special Olympics Minnesota on behalf of me taking the Plunge. Any amount would be appreciated — it all goes to a wonderful cause, and every little bit gets me that much closer to my goal.

SERIOUSLY… even five bucks is HUGE!

YOU can make a big difference!

Support me at https://reg.plungemn.org/participant/admiralbiggun

If you want to learn more about the Plunge, visit https://www.plungemn.org/ to find out all the chilly details.

Thank you!
Admiral BigGun

P.S. Think warm thoughts for me as the date approaches. I’ll do my best to make my supporters proud!

HEY…. I know some of you have no “EXTRA” money… I get that…. but you can still share the following
link: https://reg.plungemn.org/participant/admiralbiggun

Together we can make a big difference in the lives of those special athletes’ lives!

Thanks again!